KRYTAC - AEG Complete Switch Assembly w/MOSFET

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Our take: The Krytac MOSFET Switch Assembly is best option to preserve your trigger contacts when using a powerful battery. In the case of the Krytac Trident M4 PDW, which is designed to take in 7.4V LiPo buffer tube battery, you're covered. But if you need to replace or upgrade your worn out MOSFET, this Krytac setup is the best you can get. Equipped with low resistance wires for optimal performance, the Krytac MOSFET set comes with the trigger shuttle, switch terminals and Tamiya battery connector, making it compatible with most aftermarket batteries out of the box. Compatible with the Krytac Trident series gearboxes, this Krytac MOSFET regulates battery current to protect your AEG's trigger contacts.

- Complete MOSFET switch assembly set
- Optimal performance with low resistance wiring
- Trigger shuttle and switch terminals included
- Tamiya battery connector w/ 20A blade fuse
- Compatible with Krytac Trident series gearbox

Package includes: Trigger shuttle, switch terminals, low-resistance wiring, Tamiya battery connector, 20A blade fuse


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Stok KoduKTP-KA001-01P
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