KRYTAC - Black Flash Hider (Metal)

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- Compensator gives improved recoil and muzzle movement.
- Compatible with any A2 suppressor mount with 14mm CW or CCW threading.
- Metal build for better durability.
- Replaces well with broken or damaged flash hiders.
- Designed to compete in quick shooting situations against competitors.

Construction: Polymer
Threading: 14mm CW and 14mm CCW
Dimension: 57 x 22 mm
Weight: 0.11 lbs
Compatible: Airsoft rifles with 14mm CW or CCW barrel thread.

DISCLAIMER: Be sure to check your local laws and regulations regarding coloration of the tip of your airsoft gun. This tip is not painted orange, therefore modification of the flash hider may be necessary before it is attached to your AEG. Removal of your flash hider within the 45-day warranty period, will result in voiding of your warranty. This aftermarket airsoft part is recommended for airsoft rifles outside the of 45-day warranty.

Package includes: 1X Flash Hider

Color: BLACK

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Stok KoduKTP-KA008-03AB
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