KRYTAC - Complete Nautilus V2 Gearbox

Our take: The Krytac Nautilus 8mm reinforced ball bearing airsoft gearbox includes integrated MOSFET that regulates electronic signals and to protect the trigger contacts. Most gear boxes are structured with sharp 90 degree angled corners, although this new V2 has rounded off and smoothed radius corners to prevent fracture from wear and tear. A small window was designed on the left side where lubrication can be directly applied to the gears or piston, this window can also be very convenient to inspect angles of engagement within the gearbox while fully assembled. In addition, a modular spring guide system allows the user to change springs without having to disassemble the entire gearbox. The Krytac piston is composed of durable lightweight polymer along with 4 metal teeth. The second to last tooth is absent, enabling simple fine tuning for precision and accuracy. The padded cylinder head features an enlarged rubber bumper to absorb impact of the piston assembly, increasing its overall durability. The Rockwell test figures on Krytac gears are much higher than industry norms. The spur gear tension system ensures perfect alignment while under load. This V2 gearbox can serve as a replacement or an advanced upgrade for many other AEG platforms.

- Reinforced 8mm ball bearing gearbox with integrated MOSFET to regulate electronic
   signals and protect trigger contacts.
- Smooth surface around gearbox to prevent fracture.
- Gearbox shell features a small window on the left side allowing lubrication to easily be
   applied directly to the gears or piston or even just for a simple inspection.
- The Krytac piston is composed of durable lightweight polymer.
- OEM components of Krytac AEGs, although highly compatible with other AEGs.
- Quck spring change system for simplified mechanics.
- Includes sorbothane padded cylinder head for maximum durability.

Manufacturer: Krytac
Model: Version 2
Material: Metal

Package includes: 1X Complete Gearbox

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