KRYTAC - Hop Up Bucking and Nub

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Our take: This Krytac Bucking and Nub are designed to work best with the Krytac Rotary Hop-up, but they are also compatible with other hop-up units as well. With hundreds of buckings available, it can be difficult to choose the one that is exactly right for your airsoft gun. But, when it comes to this Krytac hop-up upgrade, the finer details of this aftermarket part are what truly sets it apart from the competition. This bucking is constructed of material that is unlike anything else on the market. The dense, nonporous silicone polymer is not only durable, it also has very low permeation characteristics which resists swelling. Never again will hop-up performance be affected by lubricants, cleaning fluid, or moisture in the atmosphere. What does that mean for you? It means you can operate in nearly any conceivable environment or situation without worrying about your hop-up functioning properly. To further enhance the performance of this aftermarket hop-up upgrade, Krytac introduced a unique finned contact patch. This feature ensures that each BB is given consistent and uniform spin, which boosts shot consistency and accuracy.

- Constructed from nonporous silicone polymer
- Finned contact patch creates more uniform spin on BBs
- Resists swelling when exposed to liquids like lubricants, cleaning agents, or atmospheric moisture
- Designed for use with Krytac Rotary Hop-up unit, but compatible with most airsoft AEGs

Package includes: Hop-up bucking, Nub


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Stok KoduKTP-KA018-007P
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